FOCALLURE 3 in 1 Auto EyeBrows Pen 24 Jam Warna Tahan Lama

Rp 49.900 Rp 118.000
3 in 1, a good eyebrow pencil
A three-headed, create fashion trend eyebrow
πŸ’›01 Grey Brown : Suitable for linen hair color or partial blond hair color
πŸ’š02 Rufous : Suitable for reddish or reddish brown hair color
πŸ’™03 Grey : Suitable for gray or black hair color
πŸ’œ04 Dark Brown : Suitable for dark brown hair color
Eyebrow brush - tidy up the eyebrows firstly, the basis for drawing fine eyebrows
Sponge pen head - eyebrow powder is hidden in the pen cover, can evenly get the eyebrow powder
Flat pen head - free to control the thickness, easier to draw natural fine eyebrows

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