FOCALLURE 14 Colors Eyeshadow Palette With Brush

Rp 120.000

Super heart-touching appearence designed for ladies,this eyeshadow palette is very hot and popular in instagram

πŸ’™Tropical Vaction(T): Collection of wine red, earth color and other color matching, which is suitable for many occasions, for single eyelids, swollen eyelid ladies is more friendly, novice easy to get started, create a beautiful makeup


Go to travel, quest for the romance, Go Travel 15 colors eyeshadow

Eye-catching star light, polarized sequins sparkle embellishment, create a stylelish makeup

Get romantic, escape from dull life, four colors optional

πŸ’š01 Paris : Romantic tenderness, spread in the eyes

πŸ’›02 Prague : Dazzling and eye-catching, meet the castle and princess

πŸ’œ03 Perth : Cool and beautiful, waiting for the one

❀04 Turkey : Soft and splendid, mysterious and charming just like an elf

Stunning, pretty and easy to use, let's start!

Fine powder texture, good to get the powder, won't fly powder

Versatile and bold colors, can create daily or outstanding makeup

Textured colors, even superimposed but still stunning, won't looks dirty


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