FOCALLURE Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette - 9 Warna

Rp 67.200 Rp 168.000
9 fantastic colors, only need one set of your eye makeup,easily hold any makeup

01 RING THE ALARM : Classic earth color, sweet milk tea color, elegant orange color, with colorful polarized light, sweetheart joyful nine-color interpretation of elegant nude color trend
02 SOFT POWDER : Fully matte palette collection of tea color, pumpkin color, maple leaf color and other gentle color matching, eye swelling and single eyelid girl's pure girl color
03 NIGHT ELF : Mellow wine color, sweet rose gold, deep dark brown, plus polarized gold, can also be used daily makeup, suitable for every ladies to make charming makeup

Delicate and smooth powder, suitable for eye skin,long lasting color, nine colors with eye shadow, all styles are controlled

Can be used as eyebrow powder:
The daily drawing method is very simple, use a light color to make a base, use and spray the eyeliner brush wet to draw a dark brown eyebrow. It is really a multi-purpose palette.

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