FOCALLURE Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyebrow Pencil - 3 Colours Pensil alis

Rp 35.000 Rp 69.000

* Brand New & High quality.
* The length of the pencil 12CM
* Easy to draw a delicate thin line
* Beautiful shades around the eyes last long
* Ideal for making up precision definition and thickening effect
* Can be used for eyebrow and eyeliner
* Waterproof and sweat resistant, longer lasting effect,lasting and not smudge, easy to color

01 Dark Gray
Suitable for skin tone: fair, natural skin tone
Suitable for hair color: natural hair color, light hair color
02 Brown
Suitable for skin color: fair, natural, wild color
Suitable for hair color: yellow, dark brown, burgundy, etc.
03 Black
Suitable for skin tone: natural skin tone, healthy skin tone
Suitable for hair color: natural black, dark hair color

How to Use:
1. Firstly use the spiral eyebrow brush to tidy up the eyebrows
2. Rotate the eyebrow pencil core to the right by about 2mm, and draw the eyebrow shape from the brow to the eyebrow. The brow is slightly lighter.
3. Finally, use the eyebrow brush to swipe along the direction of the eyebrows to create a natural and smooth eyebrow

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